Q: How do I join The HASC Run?

A: You can sign up at Run.CampHasc.org and click the big “Register Today” bottun. Once you register you will be given a personal fundraising page to direct your friends and family in support of your run.

Please contact us if you have any questions – no question is too small.

Q: How much do I have to raise?

A: Each runner is asked to raise a minimum of $500.00. We encourage you to raise more! Teams of up to five participants are required to raise a minimum of $1,800.

Q: Can I make my fundraising goal more than the minimum commitment?

A: Yes and you are encouraged to do so!

Q: What if I don’t raise my commitment in time for the race?

A: Don’t worry, we will allow you to raise funds even beyond the marathon date.


Q: Can I set up a page to fundraise if I don’t want to run?

A: Absolutely! Please email us by clicking here to join us and cheer on our runners.

Q: What if I realize I am unable to attend?

A: Each runner who signs up is assumed to be running in the race. In the event that you are unable to attend or need to back out, simply let us know as soon as possible.

Q: How do I get donations? Can potential donors send a check?

A: After you register, you will be given a personal fundraising page with your own link. We encourage you to personalize the page by adding your own pictures, stories, and videos. Your friends and family can donate by clicking the “DONATE” button on your page (via credit card)

Checks are certainly welcome:

A donor can mail a check to:


1563 49th Street

Brooklyn, NY 11219

​PLEASE NOTE- The check MUST have your name – (the runner) written in the Memo line, and word “RUN”. Once the office receives the check – your page will be updated with the donation.

Q: I've never run in a marathon before and tend to find myself short of breath walking from the refrigerator to the couch. Will I be able to do this?

A: The course is designed for runners of all levels. You can walk, jog or run. Start training today and we think you’ll make yourself proud!

Q: OK so how do I start training?

A: Email us and we will put you in touch with out Head Coach!

Q: Can I bring my camper with me?

A: YES! But before registering a camper, you must request medical clearance from our medical team by emailing us at events@camphasc.org. After medical clearance has been granted, you may contact your camper’s parents and request to bring them along on this amazing experience.

Q: I've heard so much about how incredible the Team HASC weekends were in Miami & Pasadena. Can you tell me more about the details pertaining to NYC RUN??

A: Sure, the event is obviously based around an amazing and competitive run and or bike in Prospect Park, but that is not all… The HASC RUN is a family day for all to come, cheer along and enjoy! Following the run will be free food and an incredible outdoor concert! Bring your family and friends!

Q: I never went to Camp HASC. Will I feel out of place?

A: Absolutely not! Many of the people joining us have never been involved in Camp HASC. You will fall in love with the magic of this day. We all come together for a greater good. We hope to see you there!

Q: May I run with a camper?

A: YES! It is necessary to have the campers parents explicitly write to us that she is allowed to participate and that we are not responsible for their health.

In addition, we need the campers primary doctor to write to us specifically that there are no restrictions.
If you can have those two documents (one form the parents, and one from the doctors) scanned and emailed back here, we would greatly appreciate it.
For any medical related proceeders or questions, kindly speak with Alyssa directly (alyssasacks@gmail.com)

Arrangements will be made for campers who require running strollers (but please remind us!)

Q: If I am not running in the marathon, should me and my family join for the post-race celebration?

A: The event is not only about the marathon. The HASC RUN is a family day for all! Come join, cheer, dance and enjoy an incredible family day in the beautiful Prospect Park! Bring your family and friends to cheer and join for the post-race concert and food celebration.

For further assistance, please email us.